A Note from Our President/CEO, Jim Hale
Thank You, for your interest in Hale American.  I have been an All-Lines Insurance Agent in the State of Florida since 1970.  I have extensive knowledge in all lines of Insurance and Professional Employer Organizations.

I realize that every business has it's own needs and requirements, that is why I created
 HALE AMERICAN Group.  If your needs can be met, We can meet them.

Hale American is similar in make-up as an Independent Insurance Agency, We represent 30+ Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), and broker insurance through 50+ companies. You may ask why so many, and the answer is, that as stated above, each business has it's own needs and I pride myself in providing proper services to all types of businesses. 

Some Businesses are well served with Employee Leasing, (another name for PEO's)where others would not have proper coverages for their type business. That is when dealing with a Professional Agent comes in, In many cases we must build a program for the client. 

Mission Statement: No business will long endure if not based on the premise that all actions must benefit all parties involved. We will provide our services to all, Fairly, Honestly  and Timely.  

About Us
Did you know that very few employee leasing representatives have any insurance qualifications at all?
Hale American Group, Inc.
Jim and Leonora Hale