Payroll Administration

Our Companies take over the responsibilities of the accounting function associated with payroll mamagement. One of the most complex sets of rules and regulations to understand and adhere to are those relating directly to the payroll function. Our program insures compliance with all Federal and State tax regulations. As the employer of record, they are resposable for payment of all taxes and filings all monthly, quartly, and annual tax returns relating to payroll.

Payroll Services include:

* Payroll Calculation and Delivery
* Employee Set-up and Maintenance
* Employee Direct Deposits - Multiple Accounts
* Payroll Checks - Signed and Sealed in Envelopes
* Cash Debit Cards with check writing availability
* Vacation, Holiday and Sick Pay Tracking
* Calculation of Withholding and Processing for Court Ordered Deductions
   including wage garnishment and insurance
* Pre-Post Tax Calculation and Withholding of Multiple Voluntary Deductions
* Tax Payments and Related Quartly and Annual Reporting
* Job Costing


​All Lines Insurance Brokerage
Medicare Advantage Plans
With $0 Premium 

 Medicare Supplement Plans

Prescription Drug Plans

     Workers' Compensation
"A" Rated Coverage 
* No Audits and no Renewals
* No Down Payments
* Issue Certificates of Insurance
* Regulatory Compliance
Risk Management - Loss Control
* Loss Control Program development
* Loss reduction strategies
* OSHA regulatory support
Claim Management
* On staff Medical Doctor-Director of              Claims
* Claims reporting, handling and first               report of injury
* Nurse case managers available
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 Human Resources

 *  Full Service Human Resources Department
 *  (Section-125) Administration
 *  COBRA, HIPAA and Qualified Event Administration
 *  Customized Policy Handbook
 *  Unemployment Benefit Claims Management
 *  Administration of regulated Leave of Absence
     such as FMLA & USERRA
 *  Digital Personal Record Storage (HIPAA compliant)

 *HR services vary from one PEO to another


*  Group Health Insurance
*  Group Life Insurance
*  Group Dental
*  401K
*  Voluntary Benefits
   * Dental
   * Life
   * Accident
   * Vision
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